Pepper Pack Members Receive Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper

UPDATE: OCT 15, 2019

Huge shoutout and thanks to @drpepper and their PR partners for sending me some love for my birthday last week! Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper! Sadly I still have no news on if this Limited Edition drink will ever be in stores. Currently it is only sent to members of Dr. Pepper’s #PepperPack – which fans can sign up for at drpepper.com!

Flavor wise it reminds me of Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix ice cream, which, good thing! Like Dark Berry, the flavor can at times be subtle, but otherwise this is great! It even smells like birthday cake!


Are you a member of the Pepper Pack? @JKMerm is and she scored some Limited Edition Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper! Pepper Pack members act as brand ambassadors for Dr. Pepper, sharing content and spreading the love of their favorite drink on social media in exchange for exclusive access and opportunities. If you consider yourself part of the 23-flavor squad you can apply on DrPepper.com

No official word yet on if Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper will see a national release or not, but I sure hope so!


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