Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo (Mexico)

Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo (Mexico)

Mexico Exclusive ?? Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo!

For those of us in the states you can do what I did and order these off eBay, or cross your fingers and hope that Nabisco drops the golden cookie version here soon!


    Hmmm OREO. Well it seems like NABISCO has just about tried every possible flavour as a creme for its OREO cookies. However one very obvious choice has been conspicuously absent so far. CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT !!! Its rumoured that NABISCO is coming out with a CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT OREO cookie using its GOLDEN cookies, in North America , sometime late 2017 early 2018. Whilst cruising eBay I came across an OREO item that claimed to be CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT limited edition with all Spanish writing on the box. I couldn’t resist and bought it. Turns out apparently NABISCO has released the CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT OREO cookies in some countries using its chocolate cookies. The CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT OREO cookies smell absolutely heavenly of chocolate and hazelnut. The cream is a very light shade of brown and smells a lot of hazelnuts. These cookies seem thinner and smaller than regular OREO but yet not as thin and small as OREO THINS or OREO MINIS. Trying the cream on its own there is a nice flavour of hazelnut in the cream yet it lacks in its chocolate flavour on its own. Trying the whole OREO the chocolate cookies helps a lot where the cream lacked in chocolate flavour. The hazelnut flavour of the cream is strong enough to show itself very well when having the OREO as whole cookie. A very tasty experience.

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