Krispy Kreme Filled Ring Doughnuts are coming to the US

[UPDATE] Krispy Kreme Filled Ring Doughnuts are here!

UPDATE: JUN 17, 2019
Via the official Krispy Kreme press release:

KRISPY KREME® Takes Doughnut Innovation to New Heights with Launch of the Original Filled Doughnut

Landing June 17, NEW Original Filled Doughnuts will be permanently available in the U.S., initially in two flavors* – Classic Kreme™ and Chocolate Kreme™

Try one for FREE June 22!

*Stay tuned, as I’m pretty excited for what’s landing next month!

Photo Credit: Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Filled Ring Doughnuts! Released earlier this year in the U.K., they are finally making an appearance stateside later this month! The U.K. release had Nutty Chocolatta and Salted Caramel fillings, while here in the states we’ll be getting Chocolate Kreme and Original Kreme.